Apex Conglomerate

Apex Conglomerate is one of the largest corporations in the galaxy. With a hand in every industry and more than a few governments, Apex is widely considered the most powerful group in the galaxy.

Apex was founded in 2540 on Mars as a mining company, they quickly acquired the massive orbital refineries. In 2550, Apex acquired the full mining and mineral right of Mars from Koba Universal. In 2580, Apex became one of the first companies to successfully harvest the resources of the asteroid belt, making massive profits due to their complete control of the Martian orbital refineries. They sold these resources at prices that drove their competitors out of business. It quickly established itself as the leading provider of raw materials in the Solar System.

Apex diversified heavily, quickly dominating any market it entered. In 3126, When the Earth Federation failed to pursue anti-trust laws against Apex, the Jupiter based Koba Universal declared war on Apex. These wars were known as the Syndicate Wars

Apex fought against Koba and it’s allies until it was forced to flee from its home planet of Mars to the Asteroid Belt. Before Apex was eliminated, the Earth Federation Space Command intervened forcing both sides to reach a cease fire. Apex was given back control of Mars, and had to follow strict trade policies. Several of their subsidiaries were broken up. These later became Kagake Biomedical and Sarrat Aerospace.

Following the Syndicate War Apex began researching heavily into infiltration and information technology. Apex used these technologies for industrial espionage and other clandestine operations to maintain an edge on competition.

Apex Conglomerate

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